Summer Camp 2019

Trip to Santa Ana Zoo


Learning is not only accomplished in the classroom.  Children are able to learn while having fun.  They learn so many good things and are able to go back to the center and write about their experiences. 

Picking Veggies at Tanaka Farm


How do grown ups decide on careers? Children visit different venues such as farms, factories, and colleges so that they can start talking about their futures and see why going to school and doing well is so important.  

Learning at Getty's Museum


You can't know where you're going unless you know from where you came. A bit of history is good for the soul. The children in past summer camps really enjoy this trip back in time.  We visit many museums during the summer.  

About Us

Tutoring Center Summer Camp


Come join us for our 10th Annual Educational Summer Camp!
We had a lot of fun over the years and we want to continue the tradition. Who would have thought that learning could be so much fun! Full-Time Fees Include Field Trips! FANTASTIC! Registration Starts February 1st!

Fun Time


 Campers will enjoy a day full of fun and excitement.  Each day we will go to local parks to play games such as Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Flag Football, Group Games, Volley Ball, Tether Ball, and much more.  Campers will enjoy the local pool for swimming or water games. Swimming is limited by age.  Call for more information.
Each week we will go on a field trip that includes such places as the Natural History Museum, Getty Museum, Tanaka Farms, Griffith Park Observatory, LA Brea Tar Pits, University of Southern California (USC), University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), California State University, Long Beach, El Camino College, Los Angeles Union Station, Amy's Farm Center and much more. That’s just to name a few!  Our state of California is rich with history and grand beauty and children can learn to appreciate this at a young age while learning about its rich heritage.  Whenever we go on a field trip, we ask each student to write about their experience.  This gives the tutors an opportunity to review the student’s writing skills and help them to better express themselves on paper. Regular Field Trips are not included in the price of the weekly tuition. Field Trips will be discounted at group rates and announced well in advance. 


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Camp Hours:

8am - 6pm

Monday - Friday


*Summer camp kids will enjoy field trips at group rates



 Our tutors are here to help each student prepare for their upcoming school year in Reading and Math by going over what they learned the previous year to ensure that each child has a thorough understanding before moving on to the coming year’s assignments. 
Our ratio of tutor to child is 1:6 in a group setting and 1:1 for private tutoring.  Each child will be taken from the group twice a week for individualized tutoring to meet their needs. 
Group sessions occur daily for three hours while individual sessions occur twice a week for one hour. We want all children to go into their new academic year with confidence to succeed. 

Our camp promotes making new friends, teamwork, and inciting creativity while building self-esteem. When children attend our summer camps they leave with a great deal of appreciation for others in addition to experiencing personal growth.  Some children have difficulties in social settings.  These are children who are shy, have self-esteem issues, and lack confidence in their own abilities.  Children also have difficulties forming proper friendships.  We focus on building their confidence & self-esteem through academics, arts & crafts, music, and indoor/outdoor outings and games. 
Helping to build these skills will enable each student to raise their hand in the classroom setting and ask questions.  We want each child to be able to walk up to their teacher and ask for help.  We want each child to be able to form study groups in school with their peers to help one another with difficult homework or projects.  We want our students to appreciate themselves and others