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Student Reviews!



"I have been going to Ford Tutoring for two years now. The tutors really make an effort to help you understand any subject you need help with. Miss Linda does a great job tutoring and answering any questions you have regarding the tutoring sessions themselves. If you need help with a certain subject, homework or just a good space to study I highly recommend Ford Tutoring!"

---Nousheen M.


"I go to Ford Learning Academy and I think its great. The tutors are excellent and helps you with any subject you struggle in".

   --Marcel Beatty

Parent Reviews!


 "This tutoring center is a gem! My daughter has been coming here twice a week for a month now and the progress she has made is incredible! All the tutors are very nice and interact well with the kids of all ages.  They have great communication and will focus on your specific goals for your child - not just academically but also building confidence, self esteem and organizational skills as well. They also offer a weekly after school homework assistance program.  Reasonable prices too!" --Shelley I. 


"Words just can't explain how awesome Ford Learning Academy has been for my son! Mrs.Jacky is awesome very attentive, soft spoken to her students and understanding to their needs. My son was border line of failing 4th grade, but with the tutoring and help he is now promoted to the 5th grade! I Highly recommend Ford Learning Academy to all !!They offer affordable prices. Thank you Mrs. Jacky!"

      -- Araceli Melena

 "​I am so pleased with my daughter's Math results after receiving tutoring services at Ford Learning Academy. She made it into AP Math, HORRAY!! This is such a great place to help students who need that extra help. The instructor by the name of Pia, is exceptional. A  Math genius & patient teacher. She knew how to explain difficult Algebra contents in a way that made sense to my 7th grader. Thank you Jackie, Linda, Pia and everyone else helping children succeed at this center." --Linda A. 

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"Ford Learning Academy is a great after school and tutoring center. I have used different After School program in South Bay for over 15 years. Ford Learning Academy is the only one that liaise with your child school in identifying individual child academy deficiency with a good plan of improvement on grades and study skills".

        --Amaka Anyaoha


My daughter has been attending the center for about 4 months. She joined the homework assistance program at first because I thought she only need help with homework. But, the tutors at the center discovered that there was more to just not completing homework. My daughter was struggling with understanding the work so she just didn't turn in her homework to her teacher. The staff makes sure that they get all the information from the school and keeps up with her progress in a way that I've never seen another company do. She is now in Private tutoring as well as the Homework Assistance program. I am truly beginning to see a difference in her attitude about school. She seems to be a lot less stressed. I am really grateful that she attends there".  

                       --Patricia Smith